Welcome to Damowords, the literary repository of myself, Damian Bullen.

Having just signed up to a literary agency in Delhi, India, I've had to streamline the offerings served up for my generous readers.


The first part, entitled THE SILVER ROSE, has been inspired by the Odyssey, a poetic romp through Britain, Italy, Greece & India. The form is the Sonnet Sequence, & by choosing 154 of them I offer a direct challenge to William Shakespeare & his hegemony over the English sonnet.

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I've made the Edinburgh parts of the sequence into a wee film, by the way, called the, Ediniad, as in;

The second part, entitled AXIS & ALLIES, has been inspired by the Illiad of Homer. Where our greatest poet was inpired by the Trojan War, so too was I moved by the Second World War, its prequel & its aftermath. The form is a 20-line stanza of my own invention - the Tryptcyh.

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The third part, entitled KURAL, is a transcreation of this collection of didactic sayings by the immortal Tamil sage Thiruvalluvar.

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The Fourth part is another transcreation, this time the first great poetry of these islands we possess - Aneirin's 7th century Y Gododdin.

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The Mumble is the cultural e-hub for Scotland. Me & my team of dedicated bloggers are on-line to record whatever has happened, whatever is happening or whatever is going to happen up & down the most special & bonnie land we called Scotland.


This where most of my musing appear these days, from solving historical mysteries to random jaunts through international arenas - it all goes in my literary memory bank.

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